Monday, 25 April 2011

Danger From Below

Red Eared Terapin, Greenbank ParkA visit to Greenbank Park late afternoon yesterday produced the 2 Red Eared Terrapins I found at the park last week; although I am laid back to a certain degree about introductions, this particular introduction to the park can only cause havoc with the breeding wildfowl. In a better habitat this species can co-exist pretty well with our native wildlife, as on the continent with the similar European Pond Turtle, but in this park, with its obvious lack of cover, young wildfowl stand no chance against these preditors. But alas they are here and I guess here to stay. Did I mention that there favourite sunning spot is the raft which also hosts the Mute Swans nest...........young Swans, now that would make a tasty treat for a Terrapin or two! Other birds in the park included a Swift heading east, Blackcap, Chiff Chaff, Grey Wagtail, and 3 Buzzards circling


Anonymous said...

Terrapins are bad news in my opinion and should be caught and culled in all Liverpool parks,fish-stocks and waterfowl will suffer greatly once they start to grow and multiply

sean said...

Sun 15th May. Just done early morning BTO survey. back of Speke airport. Buzzard, sparrowhawk, grey wag, 3 wheatear, reed bunting, loads of whitethroats, sedge warbler, reed warbler, blackcap, 5 grey partridge, stock dove,lots of shelduck on shoreline,1 curlew, 2 whimbrel,oystercatchers, cormorant. back for breakfast by 8am.