Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thurstston Common

I visited Royden Park and Thurstson Common with the family on Saturday, we had a great old time and Dylan Really enjoyed it; lets face it what four year old wouldn't like climbing Thorrs Stone (as well as the occasional tree). Not a great deal about yet a cracking Hobby bombing along over the heathland was a great surprise and the star of the day! Possibly a close second was 9 Barnacle Geese heading west; whether or not they where genuinely wild is another thing altogether, yet another flock (15 I think) flew over Hilbre at the weekend; pointing towards a small passage of birds............maybe. Other highlights included a Crossbill, Buzzard, Redpolls, Green Woodpecker, Chiff Chaff, and Wild Asparagus.

More locally the Ring Necked Parakeets where on the Rathbone estate off Greenbank Road on Monday. On Tuesday three where in Greenbank Park together with 3 Tufted Duck, Nuthatch, Meadow Pipits and Linnets over, Swallows and House Martins, Grey Heron and 3 Foxes and Pipistrelles still around during the evening. Family party of Nuthatches on the railway at Penny Lane on Wednesday and 2 Foxes, Pipistrelles and another Bat SP in Sefton Park (possibly Daubentons) during the evening, and this Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar in my mums garden in Wavertree (see top of page)


sean said...

just seen humming-bird moth on hanging baskets outside house on Aigburth Hall Ave. Never seen one before, what a great creature !

sean said...

200+ pink footed goose, large skein flying south over Booker Ave. 8.30am Mon 17th Oct.

John Morris said...

Hi Danny
I've read about(and seen) your Ring Necked Parakeets. But has anyone recorded a green parrot in the West Derby area. Saw it a few weeks ago, and again today. Initially in flight I thought it was a pigeon, but it had red on its back - that's what drew my attention. It settled in a tree, but not for long, because it was mobbed by two jackdaws. Definitely a brightish green with some red on its back. The size of a big pigeon.
Presumably an escapee. What chances will it have of survival? Food / weather / sparrowhawks / etc.?

J Morris said...

I've now got some photos of the green parrot.
I think it's an amazon orange tip.

Danny Foy said...

Hi Jim

Some sort of Macaw SP. I think, I saw the same species in Martin Mere a few years back (apparently it survived a few years too), If there is enough food in the way of berries and the local Mistle Thrushes and Magpies dont see it off, they can last while, but no chance of any colonisation occuring!

John Morris said...

No definitely an Amazon Orange Tip. Confirmed by one of my friends at RSPB HQ Beds.
Photo here :-