Friday, 23 December 2011

Foxing Around

Ive spent a fair bit of time lately trying to get decent snaps of the local Foxes in the area, and was rewarded on a few occasions with this individual which took to sleeping in the same area of fallen leaves for a couple of hours; at always the same time each night. After a few visits it became very very approachable and I managed to get decent (amateur) shots on three occasions, if it was a dry night it would always be reliably in the same area, until Glendale decided to blow all of the fallen leaves away and collect them in.....hence, since this happened I haven't seen it again! Why on earth the parks department deems it important to remove leaves from wooded sections of parkland is anyones guess! But I did feel rather privileged to have had the opportunity to get so close to a wild animal without disturbing it.

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Sean said...

2.01.2012- Out with RSPB group today. 60 species all in South Liverpool, including male Goldeneye, female Tufted duck, and ring necked parakeet in Greenbank park. Peregrine, grey partridge, redwing, snipe at Garston-Speke.