Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Signs of Spring

I took a walk last Friday over the moors from Llangollen to the Trevor Arms and up onto the tops to Worlds End and back along Offas Dyke and the canal to Llangollen, it was a great day and it felt like a warm spring day; especially with signs of spring such as flowering Lesser Celladine, Snowdrop, and Lily of the Valley, Lords and Ladies starting to emerge.

Peregrines were on their regular nesting site, and many Buzzards could be seen spiraling on thermals, Ravens could be seen paired up and may well be breeding by now. No Black Grouse could be found up on the moors but I disturbed a pair of Red Grouse. In the wooded valley at Worlds End a loose flock of around 20 Crossbills could be seen feeding away in the Fir Trees.

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Kevin McLoughlin said...

Hi Danny, I live locally (off Rose Lane) however, my girlfriend lives in Lydiate and I spend most of my time there. I have been birding and photographing wildlife for only 18 months. I have followed your blog for about 12 months and really enjoy the local info you provide, so thanks! I'd like to share my (new) local patch which is Cheshire Lines and Lunt Meadows. I start from near the Weld Blundell pub in Lydiate and head west on Pilling lane, Goldfinches, green finches and coal tits are regular. About 300 yards there is a public footpath that cuts through a farmers field where Pheasant and red legged Partridge can be seen most times. Buzzards (up to 3) are always about. Cross Altcar Lane onto Cabin Lane where Fieldfare and redwings are in large numbers 100+(winter of course). There you reach Cheshire Lines (old railway line) and turn left on the lines. This little stretch about 200 yards is always great. Linnets (20+) and yellowhammer (3-4) are always about with tits, grey and pied wagtails and finches. I have also seen Sparrowhawk and Goldcrests here as well. Turn right on the farmers field where you continue along a public footpath heading towards a footbridge you can see in the distance. Meadow pipits and sky larks are numerous. Crossing the footbridge over the river Alt you have a great view over Lunt Meadows. Kingfisher reported in the Alt not seen by myself but i have seen water vole in the river. Lunt meadows is one of the best birding places in Merseyside they are building a nature reserve here (lancwildlifetrust) to rival Leighton Moss. I would love to discuss this further but trying to keep this brief! Regulars are Barn Owl, SE Owl, Little Owl (know nest site), buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, usual woodland birds inc woodcock. Roe deer and stoats if your lucky. Also alas Mink are present (traps have been set). Red kite last year. On the reserve itself just the channels are built skylarks, meadow pipits, linnets, curlew, redshank and snipe are regular (possible 2 jack snipe about 10 days ago). there is a brent goose at present(2 weeks) teal, wigeon and swans. Summer provides the warbles with grasshopper and lesser whitethroat the stars with all the usual suspects present. I suspect there is a lot a have missed with being inexperienced but a great place to visit only 30 minutes from Rose Lane.