Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A few More Grebe Shots

Here's a few more shots of the Great Crested Grebe at Sefton Park yesterday......just cant resist adding some more to the blog!

male Blackcaps singing in Greenbank Park and Penny Lane railway bridge this morning. 5 Swifts over Dovedale Road yesterday; they are really late this year.


Neil M said...

those are some superb shots of a very fine looking bird, do you mind me asking what kind of equipment you use to take them? something with some serious zoom, presumably!

Danny Foy said...

Hi Neil

I use a Panasonic Lumix hybrid DMC-FZ18. Its nothing that can rival a big Cannon SLR but it is a good all rounder. Due to the smaller size than a SLR a bit more stealth is required to get decent shots!

Good birding


Anonymous said...

Hello Danny,

Just to report a Buzzard sighting
over Pembroke Place at 13:00 today.
It ascended above a group of gulls and theb circled out-of-sight southwards.


Vaughn said...

This is cool!