Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bits and Bobs

Thursday 3/4/14

Cottam, Preston

Great Crested Newt
8 Smooth Newt
Reed Bunting
Common Snipe

Hurst Reservoir, Dark Peak SSSI

230 Common Toad
Common Buzzard
2 Kestrel
25+ Red Grouse
5 Redpoll
Whooper Swan
6 Curlew
2 Oystercatcher

Friday 4/4/14

Cottam, Preston


Greenbank Park

20+ Pipistrelle Bats
10+ Daubentons Bats

Saturday 5/4/14

Greenbank Park

5 Fieldfare (flew south)
10 Redwing (flew south)
3 Chiff Chaff
2 Willow Warbler
2 Ring Necked Parakeet
2 Mute Swans
2 nesting pairs of Coot
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Snakes Head Fritilary - Sefton Park

Sefton Park
Great Crested Grebe
2 Little Grebe
Mute Swans (nesting)
8 Tufted Duck (5 male 3 female)
Willow Warbler
3 Chiffchaff
3 Great Spotted Woodpecker
2 Nuthatch
4 Ring Necked Parakeet
2 Stock Dove
Snakes Head Fritilary

Sunday 6/4/14

Calderstones Park

2 Redpoll
3 Willow Warbler
3 Chiffchaff
Great Spotted Woodpecker


chris bastian said...

A pair of displaying great crested grebe and a third bird on pond in Walton Hall Park. Have been there some weeks. See no nest. No emergent vegetation, but perhaps they will make do with trailing branches. Or perhaps park authorities could be persuaded to provide small bed for a few bulrushes and reeds for next season.

Anonymous said...

Lots of activity in Sefton park last night, especially on the lake. Swifts, swallows and house martins were all over the lake. A great crested grebe showed well on the west side of the lake, and at least 3 little grebes were also present. The mute swan pair has had a great success with 8 cygnets in one of the smaller lakes, and Canada geese, mallards and coots have all had young. In the wooded section near the iron bridge, a greater spotted woodpecker pair were seen feeding young.

Anonymous said...

A little grebe chick was present on Sefton Park lake tonight. The bird was nearly the size of some of the adults and looked as though it was actually a few weeks old. Particularly pleasing since last year, there wasn't any chicks until August! 5 adult birds were also present as well as the mute swans with 7 Cygnets, a grey heron, 2 grey wagtail, ring necked parakeet, Goldcrest and Mistle thrush all in trees surrounding the lake and a female Sparrowhawk overhead. Also, we saw a Kestrel catch what appeared to be a vole while driving past the Speke coastal reserve.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny
It's almost a year since you last blogged. I have missed you insights and hope you write again.

Adam Menendez said...

Yeah I agree with the last poster... its been too long. This was a great blog and really insightful. Was great to see all the wildlife around the city. Would be great to have it back. Thanks, Adam

Neil M said...

agreed. i've always enjoyed posting my sightings and i think your photography and write-ups can inspire people to get and about in the parks with their binoculars, if you get the time to do so i'd love to see more updates.

Neil M said...

in the last week i've seen parakeets much further from sefton and greenbank than i've previously done. last weekend one came over st michaels station from the direction of the garden festival site and this morning a pair flew high over aigburth road back towards aigburth vale. interesting how their territory is expanding across south liverpool year after year, they're obviously succesfully breeding as i've counted up towards 15 or 16 at a time in sefton park towards the end of last year.

Neil M said...

i know this site isn't really updated any more (big shame) but out of interest I saw a pair of bullfinches in sefton park today, first I've ever seen there (and 100% positively identified both male and female together) that and great crested grebes doing full courtship display on the lake.

Les Kennedy said...

Parakeet flying through port sunlight today. Never seen one over here before!