Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sefton Park

Had a stroll around Sefton Park with the family in tow this afternoon, the park was packed, the weather was hot and sunny; so I didnt expect to see much, hence I didnt bring the camera with me. However I had a few unusual sightings-

Male Little Grebe, calling on the main lake behind the island, there was no sign of any other birds there and is a very intriging local record.
A Green Woodpecker flew low over me above the eastern shore of the lake and landed in trees further on, again this is a very unusual record, I have had regular (albeit in small numbers) early-spring records of Lesser Spots around Sefton Park/Greenbank areas over the last few years and I have suspected them of being resident in small numbers, but this is my first record of Green Woodpeckers in the South-end for five years.
Another unusual record today consisted of a male Black-Tailed Skimmer at the south-end of the main lake. Other insect records included Emperor Dragonfly and Common Blue Damselflys.
The family of Mute Swans, minus the female bird are still doing very well. JUV Grey Wagtail and JUV Pied Wagtail, and flowering Meadow Sweet in the park also.

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