Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kingfisher in Calderstones Park!

Grey Heron, Calderstones Park
Grey Heron, Calderstones Park
Red-Eared Terrapin, Calderstones Park
Mallard & Red-Eared Terrapin, Calderstones Park
Shieldbug SP, Calderstones Park
Three-Cornered Garlic, Calderstones Park
Visited Calderstones with the family this morning and early afternoon, despite spending half my time running around after my son Dylan (2.5 years), I managed to find some decent birds including one big surprise................. a Kingfisher flew past me on the old boat landing stage and behind the northern island on the main lake. With the family I tried briefly to search for it but could not relocate it. Funny time for Kingfishers to be moving around? The habitat on the island would be suitable for breeding, will visit the site again soon.

Also in the park I had a Common Buzzard complete with mobbing Crows, Mute Swans (with 2 young), 100s of Coal Tits, Blackcap, Chiff-Chaff, Great Spotted Woodpecker (with young), Tawny Owls nesting in a Red Oak, 2 Red-Eared Terrapins, Shieldbug, Three-Cornered Garlic and as the snaps show a Grey Heron behaving very oddly and swimming in deep water to catch fish (very successfully)!

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