Thursday, 7 July 2011

Foxing Around

An evening stroll yesterday produced three separate Foxes in the local area, with one in Greenbank Park being very approachable indeed, it is great seeing a decent local population in the area; but I always worry when they are so obvious that they will attract the scalies and their dogs!
I have just walked down Greenbank Lane outside of Greenbank College when a massive din in the canopy alerted me to a family of Ring-Necked Parakeets, they where there for at least five minutes and seemed to consist of two or three juveniles hounding a parent for food, surprisingly hard to locate in the canopy their calls certainly caught my attention. So they are breeding locally! My guess is in the University of Liverpool Rathbone Estate or the adjacent Commonwealth Cricket Ground area, to which they then flew towards. I hope these birds do well; they have only been in the area since the winter and already have bred.......not a bad start.
In Sefton Park yesterday the family of Mute Swans was now down to only two adults and one juvenile, not sure what has happened but its never usually natural causes...............yobs, dogs, anglers..........need I go on! Elsewhere in the park the two adult Little Grebes where around but no sign of any young, Goldcrests, Blackcaps, and Treecreepers in song, Painted Lady, Red Admirals, Green Veined Whites, Small and Large Whites in the park too.
A Buzzard moved low East over Penny Lane accompanied by mobbing Crows yesterday afternoon.
Pipistrelles over my home lately too.


GedC said...

We had three ring necked parakeets on our bird feeders this morning! We're in Aigburth, not far from Aigburth Rd. The magpies were none too happy but the parakeets were very relaxed. Great sight. Suspect they're here to stay.
The Clarke family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,
I'm working on a story for the Liverpool Echo regarding ring-necked parakeets and was hoping I could speak to you about it. Could you give me a call on 0151 472 2585 please.

Danny Foy said...

Hi Ged

Thanks for the post, where about in Aigburth do you live; I was wondering if it is the same family as the Greenbank birds or another group. If you see them again I would love to know. Cheers, Danny

GedC said...

Sorry for delay Danny. Not been on site. You obviously saw the Daily Post so you know where we are now! The birds have been back a lot since then.
email me for more info: