Monday, 18 July 2011

Moel Siabod

I had a brilliant walk last Wednesday up Moel Siabod from Pont Cyfyng near Capel Curig, I haven't done this route for about fifteen years so it was a delight to get out onto this mountain again. I forgot how much fun it was, with loads of low grade scrambling I took my time and enjoyed myself. A relatively short walk, but with loads of hands on rock and stunning views it was well worth it. I wont leave it so long next time.

On the route I managed to see many Ravens including a family party on the summit which undoubtedly appreciated my chocolate swiss roll, with some birds sporting rings (check out the photo). A family of Ring Ouzels could be heard and occasionally glimpsed on the Heather and Rowan clad slopes high above the old slate quarry. 3 Redstarts, Grey Wagtails, 5 Buzzards, Kestrel, and a singing Yellowhammer where other bird highlights. Broad Bodied Chaser, 2 Large Heath, and a brief Fritillary which I think was Small Pearl Bordered.

Swallow, Moel Siabod
juv Raven, Moel Siabod
Stonecrop, Moel Siabod

Up towards the summit on an inaccessible ledge I found a couple of odd yellow flowered plants reminiscent of Ragwort but obviously shorter and with very different narrow straight leaves.........any ideas..........see the photo below (sorry about the quality but it was rather windy!). Other plants included Heath Spotted Orchids, and the mountain was full of flowering Heather,English Stonecrop, Navelwort, Tormentill, and Thyme; all together making for a magnificent sight.

Hope you enjoy some of the shots.

Heath Spotted Orchid, Moel Siabod


Colin Conroy said...

Hi Danny
the small white flower is a Stonecrop (probably English Stonecrop - Sedum anglicum), and the last picture is Navelwort (aka Wall Pennywort), although the flowers appear to be a bit more spaced out than they normally are. Nice photos.

Colin Conroy said...

Have you got any other photos of the tall yellow flower?