Sunday, 1 April 2012

Odds and Sods

Sunday 25th March
  • 2 Foxes - Greenbank Park

Monday 26th March 
  • Chiff Chaff and Song Thrush and Wavertree Mystery Park
  • 20+ Pipistrelle Bats  - Greenbank Lane
Tuesday 27th March
  • Chiff Chaff, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker (1 drumming), Buzzard, Small White

Wednesday 28th March
  • Ring Necked Parakeet, Honey Garlic (the clump from last year has re-emerged)
Friday 30th March
  • Chiff Chaff, Redwing, Ring Necked Parakeet, 3 Nuthatch, Grey Wagtail - Sefton Park (the dell area)
  • Chiff Chaff - Garston (near to the Office World)
  • Chiff Chaff - Wavertree Mystery Park
Sunday 1st April
  •  Chiff Chaff, Sparrowhawk, Colts Foot, plus many common Tit species nesting and nest building - Sudley House
  • Chiff Chaff - Cressington  Park          
  • Chiff Chaff, and Mute Swans have laid 2 eggs - Greenbank Park                      


colintheconroy said...

Hi Danny,
It's good to see that the Honey Garlic is back.
No Blackcaps up there yet?

Danny Foy said...

Hi Colin
The Honey Garlic has already pushed flower buds through. I had a Blackcap in Sefton Park today, plenty of ChiffChaffs about though. Hows the migration going down in London. I should be spending a few days down in London in early june if you want to meet up for a days birding.

colintheconroy said...

Hi Danny, I haven't seen much of the migration yet myself as I haven't been able to get out much - chiff chaffs have been here for a few weeks though and I know there are blackcaps around although I have heard/seen one yet myself. It'd be great to meet up when you're down here if I'm around. Get in touch by email closer to the time/ when you know the dates and we can try and organise something.

Andy B said...

I was at West Kirby on Good Friday.There was a Little Egret feeding on the shore.They seem two a penny these days. Plenty of Skylarks in song. I saw many Linnets. Some collecting nesting material. Also saw a number of Reed Buntings. There were lots of Chiffchaffs about. I also saw a Blackcap in full song.