Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Answers on a postcard please!

The fine weather on Monday had me and the family heading for the delights of Chester Zoo summer holiday season! All was not lost however as I managed to see a Hobby over the East side of the zoo (maybe they are regular in the area, I don't know), other highlights included a Buzzard, plenty of Migrant Hawkers and Peacocks, Holly Blues (its turning out to be a very good season for these), and last but not least a very unusual butterfly species that had obviously escaped from the butterfly house in the Zoo, however I managed to see at least three of them around the zoo, Maybe there is a small feral population? Grasping at straws I know! They certainly got my blood rushing for a moment when I thought they where Swallowtails! Anyone know the ID?


Paul Shenton said...

Hi Danny,

I used to live not far from the zoo and still visit the area frequently as my family own the land behind the garage near the zoo entrance.

I think there is probably a pair of Hobby breeding in the area to the east of the zoo - the nearby village of Wervin was the best spot for seeing one.

I'm not sure on the id of your butterfly, but there must be some good habitat in and around the zoo because I have seen a decent number of species on my nursery over the road this year including Small Copper and Speckled Wood.



COLG said...

The butterfly's underwings look quite similar to a Glanville Fritillary,though I'm no expert. It's certainly not one I've ever encountered .