Friday, 3 September 2010

Birds, Butterflies, and Cricket

I went to the Lancashire vs Hampshire county game yesterday at Liverpool Cricket Ground on Aigburth Road, and I found Purple Hairstreaks still in flight there, with at least three of them in the vicinity of an Oak tree at North-West end of the ground, also plenty of Holly Blues and Whites. A couple of Common Buzzards circled over and drifted off towards the estuary; from the direction they came from I suspect they must have been migrants. The best of all was a Clouded Yellow which drifted across the pitch during play! Oh and I found the time to watch a bit of cricket in between also!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, maybe you could help. I live in the Tuebrook area and last September i was woken by a very unusual bird call. Much more of an actual song than a tweet nothing like a mockingbird. It was extremely loud and happened about 4 a.m. it seemed to be calling to its mate. As I could hear the same call faintly back. It was still very dark but i could see its silhoutte i am in a loft conversion so was looking out of the window. It had the silhouette of a peacock but must have been much smaller than that. The main thing that i noticed was that it had quite a longish tail. I also have the recording on my mobile. Just really interested in knowing what type of bird it was. I have taken the recording to the Liverpool Museum to be heard by experts there but they were dumbfounded as to what it was and thought it must be a foreign bird. Hope you can enlighten. Kind regards