Sunday, 19 December 2010

Muntjacks in Wavertree!

I couldn't believe my eyes today as I was walking over Mill Lane railway bridge and looking towards Wavertree Technology Park I saw 2 Muntjack Deers bounding across the tracks into cover, either side of the tracks here are flanked by birch scrub and provide adequate cover. These animals must be new to the area; maybe attracted further into the city from areas like knowsley (via the railway lines)to escape the cold spell or are they resident now? A number of years ago they could be found in Everton Cemetery in the north of the city, are they more urbanised than we think, certainly they are increasing and in the south of the country they can be found in many habitats including semi-urban areas. Roe Deers are also increasing around the borders of the city, in the last couple of years there have been animals at Switch Island, Knowsley, Fazakerley, Ainsdale, Sefton to name but a few. I also found a female Stonechat near to the bridge, a good record in itself!

Elsewhere I had a Rock Pipit over Wavertree Mystery Park and a Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Grey Wagtails, and plenty of Fox footprints everywhere in the snow!


Sean O'Hara said...

caught up with Waxwings at corner of Booker and Mather Ave 8.30 this morning on way to work, just a couple feeding with thrushes and then couldn't believe it when came out of nat west bank on Allerton Rd this afternoon 4pm, 35 Waxwings in trees above my head feeding on berries on bushes on central reservation. Fantastic!

Danny Foy said...

Hi Sean

Thanks very much for the information, I will get down there early tommorrow. Fingers crossed!