Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Waxwing 4

Waxwing, Allerton Success at last! I finally caught up with Waxwings on Booker Avenue today (albeit only one) after dipping yesterdays flock on Allerton Road. No sign of the flock of 50+ that have been further down near Brodie Avenue, but I managed to catch up with this bird towards the top-end of Booker Avenue, going towards Calderstones Park; and I'm pretty sure I heard a few more too. This bird was loosely associating with the mixed Thrush flock, which included Fieldfares and Redwings, as was reported yesterday by Sean O'Hara, so a big thank you is deserved. The flock was mostly moving through the back gardens, so more Waxwings could have been involved. After a short time the Waxwing took off and flew down Booker Avenue and carried on past Mather Avenue. It appears that 2 flocks are roving the area and smaller numbers are now tied up within Thrush flocks, where next I wonder?
Also at least 5 Brambling at Sudley House this afternoon and 4 Moorhens tucked away under a Cotoneaster on Greenbank Road opposite Penny Lane!

Waxwing, Allerton


sean said...

33 waxwings corner of Booker and Mather Ave 8.30am, while sat at lights on way to work, great way to start the day.

Danny Foy said...

Hi Sean

Thats good to no, I wasnt just hearing things today then. I only managed to see one but I was sure that I heard more, I think they are going in to back gardens along booker out of sight.