Thursday, 23 December 2010

Waxwing Bonanza

I cant help but trip over Waxwings lately! I was out Xmas shopping along Allerton Road this afternoon when I found 30+ Waxwings in the Plane trees outside the Barclays Bank, they where soon joined by other smaller flocks and flew off towards Green Lane where they where joined by another mobile flock, when I left them there was at least 60 birds on Allerton Road.

I returned at 2:30 and they where still present (about 40) together with other smaller flocks, again they flew off towards Green Lane and where joined by many more birds, all together at least 120 birds! I stayed in the area (near the Barclays Bank) for around 30 mins and when I left about 40 birds where still present, yet other smaller flocks regularly returned and departed.
I get the feeling that if you are lucky enough to have berry bearing shrubs or trees in the garden in the Allerton area you could well be treated to stonking views of Waxwings.

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