Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Waxwing 12

I was working in Bootle on Sunday morning from about 5:30 am, by about 7.00 am a flock of around 25 Waxwings flew out of their roost in the tall Leylandii trees at the back of the large car park opposite Merton House, Stanley Road, and flew off low North. This may well have been a regular roosting site for them as they have been in the area in varying numbers since December. Also 10 Cormorants over.

85 Redwings on Wavertree Mystery yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,
you probably already know that the peregrines you see nest on the Anglican,i seen the falcon go into a powerful full warp vbg slanting stoop towards duke street last year awesome, targeting feral pigeons no doubt.

Danny Foy said...


Yes, I was aware that they nest on the Anglican Cathedral, but I think they where unsuccessful? I havent checked the Cathedral out yet this year (any tips on where to look on the building), I have noticed a female bird on a couple of occasions lately around the Metropolitan Cathedral, another bird or the same female checking out other nesting teritories?

Tony. said...

I have seen the tiercel regular sitting on the front {facing the mersey} in the big stain glass circle start of the tower,

David N. said...

13:30 Saw two birds whom I first took to be pidgeons alighting, north side of the south transept of the Anglican. Then saw one of the same couple soaring over the wooded area beneath. Then I could see it was a Peregrine.. He/she certainly alarmed a crow.

Haven't seen anything like tis around the Metropolitan but I'm keeping an eye out.