Saturday, 12 March 2011

Its been a while!

Cormorant, Greenbank ParkI have been really snowed under lately, as the lack of posts show! I managed to briefly catch up with the Waxwings (55 in total) on Aigburth Road at 9:00 AM today, as they where perched up amongst the canopy and soon took flight and headed NE towards Allerton. I had a scout around, Sudley, Brodie Avenue, Rose Lane etc........ but no sign. These birds have been present since the beginning of February and I have tried to catch up with them on a couple of occasions, with no success; so finally finding them this morning was rewarding. 2 Cormorants on Greenbank Park lake was unusual also, along with Nuthach, nesting Coot, the pair of Mute Swans (male constantly tyring to drive off the Geese). Waxwings, Aigburth Road Waxwings, Aigburth RoadI have seen a pair of Peregrines over the last couple of weeks in the Hope Street area, and a pair of Mistle Thrushes nesting in the UoL Campus. 6 Waxwings South over Hoole Road, Chester last Sunday morning at 11:15 AM.

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