Saturday, 5 February 2011

Waxwings on the march

I was lucky enough to spot 17 Waxwings over the City Centre today at 12:15 whilst I was on the TUC organised anti-government funding cuts march and rally! The birds flew over St Georges Hall, presumably from the area in Scotland Road they have been frequenting, they then circled over Lime Street/Copperas Hill area for a couple of minutes before heading South towards Toxteth, a strange sight indeed over the City! A Peregrine over the city too, as one was yesterday over University of Liverpool.


robinsurtees said...


I've been watching a large flock (60 birds) of Waxwings on Aigburth Road for over a week now. They're on the central reservation by St Margarets School and coming down to feast on the berries by Milner Road.

Robin Surtees

Danny Foy said...

Hi Robin

Thanks for the tip off, I will try and get down over the next few days. If you see them again please let me know, many thanks


colintheconroy said...

Hi Robin,
nice sighting - I'm not surprised they are just in that spot - that was one of the spots I was visiting regularly back in November and December looking for them. Now that I've left the country they decide to go there.
Colin Conroy