Sunday, 30 January 2011

Waxwing 10

Waxwing, Liverpool City Centre I caught up with the Waxwings on the junction of Scotland Road and Leeds Street again today, this particular flock of birds are very approachable as they feed away on the Cotoneaster berries, in total there where 37 birds this morning and early afternoon, but they are prone to flying off and disappearing for a good warned! Also there 2 Blackcaps, several Redwings and apparently a pair of Sparrowhawks have been displaying overhead over the last couple of days.
Waxwing, Liverpool City Centre
Waxwing, Liverpool City Centre Waxwing, Liverpool City Centre Bumped into another local birder who informed me of a male Goosander and 2 Mergansers on Princes Dock and a local pair of Peregrines in courtship lately.
Oh and to top it off I was interviewed for the Daily Post concerning the Waxwings, they are even getting into the local press!
Redwing, Liverpool City Centre


Mike Brown said...

Hi Danny
Glad you were able to get back to Scotland Road and take such great pictures of the Waxwings there. I spotted a small flock of nine from my back window this morning, in trees over the East Lancs road. Does this qualify as a garden tick?

Admin said...

Hi Danny. The Waxwings were still at the Leeds street/Scotland road junction this morning (9pm).Thanks for the tip off! What camera equipment are you using by the way - great photographs.

Danny Foy said...

Hi Mike

Clutching at straws arent you, back garden tick! I bet they werent even in your area of SparrowHall but on th Nogsy side of the Lancs! Ha Ha.

Danny Foy said...

Response to the Admin post........ Hi glad you caught up with Waxwings. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 a great lttle camera yet it has its restrictions. Thanks for the post