Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Odds and Sods

I checked the Cotoneaster trees on Aigburth Road opposite St Margarets playing fields this morning in the hope of finding Waxwings, but I drew a complete blank! These trees attracted Waxwings during the last influx a couple of years back and they are full of berries....so fingers crossed. Ten Redwings where feeding away on the berries and a pair of Pied Wagtails scuttled along underneath. There must be Waxwings around in South Liverpool but pining them down is another thing altogether, there have been birds in Wavertree and Garston recently, and my own recent sighting in Sefton Park; but they dont seem to be sticking around, which is quite surprising really because unlike the last influx a couple of years back the berry crop seems poor, the trees on Allerton Road central reservation and the chandlers, and the junction of Booker and Brodie Avenues have no berries on them; so the trees on Aigburth Road may prove to be a magnet for them. There have been two separate flocks in Formby today and 16 just up the road in Court Hey Park, Roby.
9 Swans which looked to be Whooper flew south over Penny Lane today as did a calling Redshank and 2 Rooks.


Paul said...

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the tips! Went to the trees opposite St Margaret's (my old school!) and saw the redwings (a first for me, only got into birdwatching recently) but did not see any waxwings! Then I correctly identified some Common Gulls for the first time on the lake, and also found the Mandarin and Tufted Ducks. Also saw several Mistle Thrushes out on the fields at the far end of the park, and there were 3 parakeets standing sentry over the feeders near the palm house, an amazing sight!! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Andy B said...

On Boxing Day morning I popped along to Greenbank and Sefton Parks.

In Greenbank three Nuthatches chasing each other around the trees.One Mute Swan on the lake. Also one male and two female Tufted Duck. May have been the same ones I saw a few days earlier on Sefton Park lake.A number of Song Thrushes in the area singing.

In Sefton Park still plenty of Little Grebes on the lake and I saw the female Mandarin close to the island.I saw one Ring-Necked Parakeet sitting in a tree eating some sort of vegetation held in it's claw.There was a female Great Spotted Woodpecker at the feeders behind the palm house along with the usual tits,Nuthatches,Chaffinches and Robins.There were about twenty Redwings feeding on the field not too far from the palm house.There were more singing Song Thrushes in the park too.In some trees close to the iron bridge Stock Doves sat in a tree with Wood Pigeons.

Danny Foy said...

Hi Andy

thanks for the post, I have seen those Tufted Ducks at Greenbank over the last few weeks and I do think they move between parks, as soon as Greenbank was ice free they were back again from Sefton, today they were back at Sefton!