Monday, 24 January 2011

Goal Hanger

Common Buzzard, Otterspool I was surprised yesterday to find a Common Buzzard on the football pitches next to Jericho Lane, Otterspool. The bird first flew down from the woods and landed on the pitches (in the process scattering all of the gulls) and then flew closer to Jericho Lane, landing on a goal, where it perched up for at least 20 minutes, they really are getting closer and closer to the city centre now.

There was nothing much on the shore as it was high tide, yet a flock of around 75 Redwings on the football pitches and Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch in the woods.

Common Buzzard, Otterspool On Sefton Park lake the 4 Little Grebes are still present, along with 4 Tufted Ducks, the GreylagxCanada Goose, and 17 Mute Swans including the 2 imm birds from Greenbank and 2 adult birds already paired up around the island (I wonder if one of these is the male who's mate was killed by a dog last summer). Nuthach, Redwings and Great Spotted Woodpecker in the park too.

Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Heron, 2 ad Mute Swans and the usual Farm Goose in Greenbank Park


David N said...

On Sunday Jan 30th I was on the A500 airport bus
heading towards Jericho Lane when we gradually overhauled a large bird on the riverside, over some houses, which was gliding along with occasional flaps. At first I thought it was a water bird, but as we left it behind this bird wheeled in flight. So now I think it was a Buzzard. Had a similar sighting at the same spot
(again from the A500) early January.

Danny Foy said...

Hi David, Indeed it does sound like the Buzzard I caught up with. They are becoming much more regular in South Liverpool, and will probably continue to spread. Hard to believe it but this would have been a real rarity a decade ago in this area! Thanks for the post.