Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Morning in Sefton

Little Grebe, Sefton Park
Mandarin Duck, Sefton Park
Canada Goose, Sefton Park
I had a really good morning in the local area today starting with 450 Pink-Footed Geese heading NW and 25+ Redwings in Wavertree Mystery. The Pink-Feet presumably migrating North from East Anglia.

Later in Greenbank Park the male Grey Heron was ever present, Redwings, 4 Nuthatches and a female Brambling, pair of Mute Swans, and the Farm Goose. With a further 2 Nuthatches on the University land.

Tufted Duck, Sefton Park At Sefton Park the 4 Little Grebes where still present along with a female Mandarin Duck, 5 Tufted Ducks, Grey Heron, hybrid Goose, 17 Mute Swans; with the resident pair trying in vain to drive the others off, 3 pairs of Coots nest building, Sparrowhawk, 3 Nuthatches, Great Spotted Woodpecker, 20+ Siskins, and a colour ringed Coot (yellow and white on the left and red on the right).
Although I did miss out on a Kingfisher that was seen by a local birder, earlier in the morning, oh well maybe next time!

GreylagxCanada Goose, Sefton Park This is the first Kingfisher I have heard of in the park since the works where completed, at one time they had become fairly regular during the winter months, hopefully they will become so again.

Later in the day I had another 160+ Pink-Footed Geese heading NW over the mystery and a Grey Wagtail over Greenbank Road. Pretty good local birding.

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Kane Brides said...

Hi Danny,

I ringed the Coot that you mention in the above post, it was ringed at Southport Marine Lake in Jan 2010 & we've had one sighting since ringing. Could you drop me a line at kanebrides'@' & I can send you some more information on this individual.

Many thanks