Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Waxwing 8

Waxwings where still present around Allerton Road yesterday with 3 birds in Plane Trees opposite the old Cinema at 12:30 and later 13 where reported on Birdline.

A Peregrine was perched on top of the high-rise block on Greenbank Lane at 3:00pm and a Grey Heron was later perched in the tree canopy in Greenbank Park at dusk.


Admin said...

Hi Danny

What's the chance that Waxwings might still be about? I've kept an eye out but haven't seen them so far.

Danny Foy said...

Dont believe they are around the Allerton area now, but they where in Merton Road, Bootle, about a week ago. There may well be some more flocks knocking about yet to be discovered!